Our team focuses on safety, quality and projects optimization to satisfy our Clients requirements. IMENERGY’s professional key positions enable us to monitor and execute global projects, participating in tenders and providing our services in a multicultural environment.

Project Management

Project Management. Project Supervision and follow up.


Aimed at companies interested in reducing costs derived from electricity consumption. Full service that includes, from the feasibility study to commissioning and maintenance.

Sola Panels Cleaning

Cleaning of solar panels with our own designed machine.


Consulting and advisory services for the analysis of investments / viability or status of projects.

Basic and Detailed Engineering

Basic and Detailed Engineering covering all disciplines involved in the Project. 


Suppliers evaluation and selection, procurement management, follow up and expediting.


Construction services. Own and sub-contracted resources. Special equipment erection (Air Coolers, piping, BOP plants…).

Construction Supervision

Construction supervision as per Client requirement.

Commissioning and Start Up

Commissioning and Start Up activities and Client support. 

Operation and maintenance

Broad experience in operation and maintenance of Power Plants. 


Photovoltaic plants maintenace is essential to maximize energy production, as well as to extend their useful life of the plant.

Our cleaning machines

IMEnergy cleaning system has been designed to maintain the efficiency of solar plants, using a simple and robust design. The dirt accumulated in the solar panels reduces their power production, therefore it is very important to keep them in clean conditions.

Resource Optimization

Using pressurized water and a series of brushes, a single operator achieves much higher cleaning speed than with other systems, without damaging the panels or adding dead loads to the structure.

Technological integration

Our machine is an agricultural vehicle optimized for cleaning trackers and fixed structures, it is perfect for handling uneven terrain, with an easy-to-use system thanks to its adaptive articulated arm, which gives it great maneuverability between structures.


Cuerva PV

Cuerva PV

Client: Solarig
Scope: 100Mw. Design, supply and erection of fixed structure.
Location: Ventas de Huelma (Granada)
Year: 2021

Cespedosa PV

Cespedosa PV

Client: Grupo Ferpal
Scope: 1Mw. Design, supply and erection of fixed structure.
Location: Cespedosa de Tormes (Salamanca)
Year: 2021

Belinchón I PV

Belinchón I PV

Client: Solaria Ingeniería y Construcción Fotovoltaica, S.L.
Scope: 24Mw. Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC). Lastracker 3H.
Location: Belinchón (Cuenca)
Year: 2020

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