IMENERGY is the project of a team of experienced professionals from the Engineering and Construction industry of Power Generation Plants, with an entrepreneurial and innovative nature, focused on the execution of projects.

Our team is focussed on safety, quality and projects optimization, to comply with our Clients requirements.

IMENERGY has developed its own technological solutions and actively collaborates with industry technologists to select, in each case, the most appropriate solution.



IMEnergy is specialized in the Design, Supply and Construction of Power Generation Plants like Photovoltaic and Thermosolar Plants.

Full Solutions

IMEnergy provides support during the full project life, including turn key solutions (EPC) under strict safety and quality requirements.



We are fully commited to innovation and technological development with the aim of optimizing the processes and facilities that we design and build.


Our capacities are reinforced with key resources and agreements with world leading companies.


we have developed our own technological solutions and we actively colaborate with external technicians in order to find the best solution for each Project.


IMENERGY accumulates more than  25 years of experience in Power Generation Plants, from Consulting to Commissioning and Operation.


Cuerva PV

Cuerva PV

Client: Solarig
Scope: 100Mw. Design, supply and erection of fixed structure.
Location: Ventas de Huelma (Granada)
Year: 2021

Cespedosa PV

Cespedosa PV

Client: Grupo Ferpal
Scope: 1Mw. Design, supply and erection of fixed structure.
Location: Cespedosa de Tormes (Salamanca)
Year: 2021

Belinchón I PV

Belinchón I PV

Client: Solaria Ingeniería y Construcción Fotovoltaica, S.L.
Scope: 24Mw. Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC). Lastracker 3H.
Location: Belinchón (Cuenca)
Year: 2020


Our team has demonstrable experience in more than 700 MWe of CSP plants built both from parabolic trough and tower. In the field of photovoltaic energy, we collaborate with manufacturers and technologists to offer turnkey solutions without limitations in size, location or technology.


IMENERGY has developed technological solutions and actively collaborates with technologists and experts in the sector in order to select the most appropriate solution in each case, without limitations and with criteria based solely on efficiency and customer needs.