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IMEnergy is the initiative of a group of Energy and Oil & Gas Engineering and Construction Industry professionals. With a clear focus on innovation and projects execution

With more than 25 years of average experience in our leadership team, IMENERGY combines knowledge and capacity keeping safety, quality, optimization and client as the cornerstones of our strategy to support our Clients. The international profile of IMENERGy’s professionals puts us in a privileged position for global execution of projects being able to bid or tender internationally with no limitations beyond the ones imposed by security or markets situation.

IMEnergy Differentiators

We consider collaboration and integration with both our customers and our partners and local content  as  key aspects of our execution approach. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of services ranging from consultancy to commissioning and operation of the projects in which we participate. Engineering (basic and detail), purchasing and construction are areas of expertise of IMENERGY and both in the execution and supervision of these services, our team will look for added value to your projects.

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imenergy placas solares

IMEnergy and renewable energies

Capture and utilization of Solar Energy is our Business. IMENERGY designs and constructs solar power plants both concentrating (CSP) parabolic through and tower and photovoltaic (PV). Our team has wide and proven experience in the technology selection and implementation, detail design, procurement, construction and commissioning of most of available technologies. Under a flexible scheme focused on Client needs we can support or execute projects worldwide.

More than 700 MW of CSP solar power plants built with members of our team involved and more than 300 MW of PV solar Power Plants in execution support our value proposition.

Morocco, Saudi Arabia, México are only some of the locations where we our teams are actually deployed.

Technology based solutions

Technology is an essential component of the projects and its correct selection is key to their success. IMEnergy has developed its own technological solutions and actively collaborates with technologists in the sector. This approach allows us to select the most suitable solution in each case without limitations and with a criterion based solely on efficiency and customer needs.

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